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What Words Inspire You? (IX Title Series #1)

A collection of inspirational quotes submitted to NAGWS by members, athletes, coaches, sport leaders, and key female figures in sport including: Donna Orender (WNBA), Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) and Shannon Miller (USA Gymnastics). 2007, paperback, 93 pp. ISBN 978-0-88314-818-1

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NAGWS Feature: Title IX @ 35

To honor the 35th Anniversary of Title IX legislation in 2007, NAGWS collected Title IX stories and commentary from women leaders such as Judy Sweet, Alpha Alexander, Doris Corbett, Bunny Sandler, and others. Read the personal stories behind this important legislation. 2007, paperback, 32 pp. ISBN 978-0-88314-822-8

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Landmark, Get Set. . . Go

Roderick Jackson

A personal account of Jackson’s legal battle fought on behalf of his Ensley High girls’ basketball team. Experience the highs and lows of this Title IX case. A landmark decision was won in March 2005. 2007, paperback, 77 pp. ISBN 978-1-4259-7411-4.

303-10128 $17 retail/$14 member price

Let Me Play

Karen Blumenthal

A powerful tale of courage and persistence. These stories of the people who believed that girls could do anything, and were willing to prove it, is great for all ages! 2005, hardcover, 152 pp. ISBN 0-689-85957-0

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Women and Sports in the United States: A Documentary Reader

Jean O’Reilly & Susan K. Cahn, Editors

This volume brings together scholarly articles, journalism, political and legal documents, and first-person accounts that collectively explore women’s sports in America with an emphasis on the post-Title IX era. 2007, paperback, 377 pp. ISBN 1-55553-671-9


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Shattering the Glass

Pamela Grundy & Susan Shackelford

Candid stories of the development of women’s basketball at the high school level, women’s colleges, industrial leagues, and the beginning of professional teams in the 1920s and 30s are offered in this vivid portrait of women’s basketball in the United States. 2005, paperback, 306 pp.ISBN 0-80785-829-3

303-10104 $26.95 retail/$21.95 member price

Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal CD Collection 1992–2003

NAGWS began publishing WSPAJ in 2004 and offers a Special Archive CD of the first 12 volumes. A must-have in your collection of female-centered resources.


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More Than a Game: One Woman’s Fight for Gender Equity in Sport

Cynthia Lee A. Pemberton

Pemberton’s autobiographical account of her experiences when her efforts to make athletic opportunities equally available to women and men at Oregon’s Linfield College became national headlines in 1992. Her six-year crusade would become the ordeal of her life. 2002, paperback, 309 pp. ISBN 1-55553-525-9

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Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal Online

WSPAJ provides a unique forum for women-centered issues and approaches to sport and physical activity. NAGWS produces this exceptional electronic journal two times per year. WSPAJ contains original data-based research, essay reviews, creative writing, book reviews, commentaries, and more! Emphases of the journal are the development of theory about women and their physicality, the gender issues relevant to women in sport and physical activity, feminist reconceptualizations of existing knowledge, and action-oriented research. Visit www.aahperd.org/nagws to subscribe.


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Taking the Field: Women, Men, and Sports

Michael A. Messner

When sport simply excluded girls, the equation of males with active athletic power and of females with weakness and passivity seemed to come almost naturally. Messner argues that despite profound changes, the world of sport largely retains and continues its longtime conservative role in gender relations. 2002, paperback, 239 pp.

ISBN 0-8166-3449-1

303-10090 $22 retail/$18 member price

A Century of Women’s Basketball

Joan S. Hult & Marianna Trekell, Editors

This historical treasure includes sections on the fascinating history of women’s basketball; governance of athletics for girls and women; changes in rules, coaching, and officiating; and intriguing refl ections by women players and coaches. 1991, paperback, 430 pp.

ISBN 0-88314-490-5. Limited number of autographed copies available.

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