AAHPERD Publications — Catalog 2011
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Title IX: Implications for Women in Sport and Education (3-disc DVD set) <br /> <br /> An essential instructional resource to help students understand the development and consequences of Title IX legislation!<br /> <br /> Intriguing interviews with more than 30 women and men whose personal experiences in sport were shaped by the development of Title IX legislation are featured in this new 14-chapter, 3-disc DVD set developed in partnership with NAGWS and WBGUPBS, Bowling Green State University. Issues such as requirements of Title IX, pre- and post-Title IX experiences, challenges and triumphs, unintended/intended consequences of the legislation, and business implications of Title IX are explored. Rich visual images support the perspectives provided by leaders such as Birch Bayh, Lucinda Adams, Christine Shelton, Vivian Acosta, Christine Brennan, and many more! Each chapter includes questions that allow students to explore the topic in more detail. 2009. 3-disc DVD set, ISBN 978-0-88314-826-6 <br /> <br /> 303-10123 $99.95 retail/$80 member price <br /> <br /> Generations of Title IX (IX Title Series #2) <br /> <br /> Do you have a favorite sports story to tell? Wonderful stories exist about sportswomen who have overcome obstacles, taken new paths, or just wanted to be involved in sport through the years. NAGWS has collected 13 inspiring stories of women whose experiences need to be told; you add your stories to the collection in the 3-ring binder provided! The project is part of an NAGWS storytelling initiative, so guidance on gathering, writing, and performing stories is included. Generations of Title IX is a great inter-departmental project for students of any age and can be applied to Language Arts/English standards in many states. Book 2 in the IX Title Series. 2008, notebook, 16 pp. ISBN 978-88314-823-5 <br /> <br /> 303-10119 $25 retail/$20 member price<br /> <br /> The Hidden Faces of Eating Disorders and Body Image <br /> <br /> Justine J. Reel & Katherine Beals <br /> <br /> This book obliterates stereotypes suggesting that eating disorders only affl ict young, white females. Body image and eating disturbances across social categories—race, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, age, and gender are examined. Strategies for assessment, treatment, and prevention are offered for serving diverse individuals who struggle with body image and eating disturbances. 2009, paperback, 220 pp. ISBN 978- 0-88314-825-9 <br /> <br /> 303-10116 $45 retail/$38 member price <br /> <br /> 100 Fantabulous Firsts in Women’s Sports (IX Title Series #3) <br /> <br /> This book is perfect to give to your team, your class, or your friends to celebrate women’s accomplishments in sport. Who was the first woman to lift 1000 pounds, or break the 600-point barrier in springboard diving? There are hundreds of interesting “firsts” in women’s sports – NAGWS has highlighted 100 of them in this fun project. Book 3 in the IX Title Series. 2008, paperback, 64 pp. ISBN 978- 88314-824-2 <br /> <br /> 303-10132 $14 retail/$10 member price<br /> <br />