AAHPERD Publications — Catalog 2011
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Women as Leaders in Sport: Impact and Influence

Mary A. Hums, Glenna G. Bower, & Heidi Grappendorf, Editors

This book provides inspiration to those who would like to explore career possibilities in the sport industry through the words of noted women authors and interviews with today’s sport leaders.

Perspectives are included for Interscholastic Sports, Campus Recreation, Sport- Related Business, Professional Sport, Women of Color, and MORE! From the back cover: “Written by women and featuring women leaders, this is the most comprehensive book available on the topic of women in sport management.” Includes a foreword by Donna Lopiano, former C.E.O. of the Women’s Sports Foundation. 2007, paperback, 336 pp. ISBN 978-0-88314-821-1

303-10122 $60 retail/$50 member price

Ensuring the Health of Active and Athletic Girls and Women

Lynda Ransdell & Linda Petlichkoff

More than twenty contributing authors address the factors affecting girls’ and women’s participation in physical activity and sport in the United States and internationally, physical activity and breast cancer, the prevalence and predictors of ACL tears in girls and women, body image, selfperception, eating disorders, and the connection between physiology and women’s involvement in physical activity and sports. Glossary and discussion questions designed to aid the instructor teaching courses on “women and sport” or “physical activity and health in women.” 2005, paperback, 386 pp. ISBN 0-88314-816-1

303-10100 $45 retail/$30 member price

Title IX

Linda Carpenter & R. Vivian Acosta

Title IX goes beyond intercollegiate athletics to address the legislation in the context of sport, physical activity, recreation, intramurals, and physical education. Whether you’re looking for clarification of Title IX or for information on applying it in your programs, the information you need is in this essential addition to every library. 2005, hardcover, 280 pp.

ISBN 0-7360-4239-3

303-10094 $44 retail/$39 member price

Women in Sport: Issues and Controversies, Second Printing

Greta L. Cohen, Editor

This second printing of a very popular textbook includes a broadbased survey of topics relevant to girls’ and women’s participation in sport. Ten authors, all leading authorities in their respective disciplines, discuss topics such as women in sport, gender issues, women’s studies, sport in American society, and twentiethcentury herstory. 2001, paperback, 472 pp. ISBN 0-88314-813-7

303-10081 $35 retail/$25 member price

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Backyards and Beyond Title IX Toolkit

(Unit One: Title IX — Introductory)

The first in this series of grassroots educational programs designed to provide a fun and interactive format that brings community members together in small “gatherings” to explore key social justice issues that may affect sport programs for girls and women. Unit One focuses on Title IX and fairness in sport. Guidelines for a local gathering, resource links, and products for each gathering topic discussion are included. Guests will explore the unit topic, learn where to get additional information, and begin to identify their own personal action plans. This program is ideal for community members, teachers, coaches, athletes, or youth sport professionals. Backyards and Beyond is also a fantastic activity for afterschool programs, women’s studies classes, or any group event! 2007, paperback and DVD, 60 pp. ISBN 978-0-88314-819-8

303-10105-1 Backyards and Beyond Toolkit (Unit One: Title IX — Introductory) $100 retail/$80 member price

Backyards and Beyond Poster

This poster features the unique artwork of H.C. Porter capturing the essence of the Backyards and Beyond Program as well as symbolizing the female sport experience. A great gift idea for the student athlete, coach’s office, athletic or recreational facility.

303-10095 $25 retail/$20 member price