AAHPERD Publications — Catalog 2011
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Health Curriculum Resources

Teaming up on Technology: Integrating technology into your classroom in health education and physical education <br /> <br /> Shannon Whalen & Leah Fiorentino <br /> <br /> Developed to meet the need for technology integration tools in the grade 6-12 environment. Each learning experience includes a detailed lesson plan for the teacher, student handouts, assessment guidelines, and online references. 2006, paperback, 199 pp. ISBN 0-88314-632-0 <br /> <br /> 301-10083 $36 retail/$30 member price <br /> <br /> Peer Health Education Program Coordinators Manual <br /> <br /> Jackie Lance Katounas, Chonda Walden, & Mal Goldsmith <br /> <br /> A comprehensive resource that provides assistance for colleges and universities that would like to develop or enhance an existing peer health education program. The book provides development guidelines, a training overview, ways to sustain a peer program, helpful resources, handouts, and sample activities on a CD-ROM. 2006, paperback, 60 pp. ISBN 978-88314-635-5.<br /> <br /> 301-10087 $35 retail/$30 member price <br /> <br /> Health Education Teaching Strategies <br /> <br /> Judy Drolet & Marcie Wycoff-Horn, Editors <br /> <br /> A compilation of teaching ideas from the American Journal of Health Education focusing on personal and social skills (communication, decision-making, goal setting, stress management), CDC risk behaviors, and technology. 2006. Elementary and Middle Grades volume, 281 pp. Middle and High School Grades volume, 401 pp.<br /> <br /> Elementary and Middle* Grades Volume <br /> <br /> ISBN 978-88314-633-9 <br /> <br /> 301-10084 $28 retail/$22 member price <br /> <br /> Middle* and High School Grades Volume <br /> <br /> ISBN 978-88314-634-7 <br /> <br /> 301-10085 $28 retail/$22 member price<br /> <br /> * Please note: <br /> <br /> Middle grades strategies are identical in both volumes.<br /> <br /> AAHE Directory of Institutions Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Health Education <br /> <br /> The AAHE Directory of Institutions Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Health Education is available online as a downloadable PDF. This handy resource identifi es programs, degrees, department chairs, addresses, phone numbers, and accreditation status. Visit the AAHPERD online store at www.aahperd.org for information on accessing the directory.<br /> <br /> 301-DL001 $15 (ONLINE ONLY)<br /> <br />