AAHPERD Publications — Catalog 2011
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Health Curriculum Resources

Teaming up on Technology: Integrating technology into your classroom in health education and physical education

Shannon Whalen & Leah Fiorentino

Developed to meet the need for technology integration tools in the grade 6-12 environment. Each learning experience includes a detailed lesson plan for the teacher, student handouts, assessment guidelines, and online references. 2006, paperback, 199 pp. ISBN 0-88314-632-0

301-10083 $36 retail/$30 member price

Peer Health Education Program Coordinators Manual

Jackie Lance Katounas, Chonda Walden, & Mal Goldsmith

A comprehensive resource that provides assistance for colleges and universities that would like to develop or enhance an existing peer health education program. The book provides development guidelines, a training overview, ways to sustain a peer program, helpful resources, handouts, and sample activities on a CD-ROM. 2006, paperback, 60 pp. ISBN 978-88314-635-5.

301-10087 $35 retail/$30 member price

Health Education Teaching Strategies

Judy Drolet & Marcie Wycoff-Horn, Editors

A compilation of teaching ideas from the American Journal of Health Education focusing on personal and social skills (communication, decision-making, goal setting, stress management), CDC risk behaviors, and technology. 2006. Elementary and Middle Grades volume, 281 pp. Middle and High School Grades volume, 401 pp.

Elementary and Middle* Grades Volume

ISBN 978-88314-633-9

301-10084 $28 retail/$22 member price

Middle* and High School Grades Volume

ISBN 978-88314-634-7

301-10085 $28 retail/$22 member price

* Please note:

Middle grades strategies are identical in both volumes.

AAHE Directory of Institutions Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Health Education

The AAHE Directory of Institutions Offering Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Health Education is available online as a downloadable PDF. This handy resource identifi es programs, degrees, department chairs, addresses, phone numbers, and accreditation status. Visit the AAHPERD online store at www.aahperd.org for information on accessing the directory.

301-DL001 $15 (ONLINE ONLY)