AAHPERD Publications — Catalog 2011
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Subscribe to the American Journal of Health Education Benefit from this outstanding professional journal for health educators in the classroom, the community, and the workplace. Six issues a year, included with AAHE membership. Annual subscription rate for libraries, institutions, and agencies is Print Only: $195 each ($204.75 Canada, $207 other countries); Online Only $195 each ($204.75 Canada, $195 other countries) and Print/Online Combination $215 each ($225.75 Canada, $227 other countries). Nonmember individual subscription rate (Print/Online combination) is $150 ($157.75 Canada, $162 other countries). Canadian subscribers pay 5% GST for all subscriptions. Individual journal copies are available for $34 per copy.<br /> <br /> ISSN 1932-5037 <br /> <br /> Call 800.213.7193 x493. To purchase individual copies of the journal call, 800.321.0789.<br /> <br /> The International Electronic Journal of Health Education <br /> <br /> The International Electronic Journal of Health Education (IEJHE) is the first health education related journal to have complete text in a peer-reviewed component available online. View the current issue and access previous issues at www.iejhe.org. (ISSN 1529-1944) <br /> <br /> The IEJHE encourages submissions that focus on international health education and promotion, and technologybased health education and promotion programs from health educators and other health professionals. The IEJHE is recruiting articles in French, Spanish, Chinese, and English. Go online today at www.iejhe.org and find out how to submit your article to the IEJHE!<br /> <br /> MEDIKIDZ <br /> <br /> Medikidz ia an exciting and interactive new initiative that explains illness to children in a way they understand! Skinderella, Gastro Pump, Chi, Axon, and Abacus are superheroes who all live on Mediland – a living, moving planet shaped like the human body. Through a comprehensive graphic novel series, medical information pamphlets, and social networking site, the Medikidz are set to take over the world of children’s medical information. The comic book form makes it easy and fun for kids to learn. Titles include: <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Astra? Medikidz explain ADHD <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Max? Medikidz explain Asthma <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Ella? Medikidz explain Type 1 Diabetes <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Wendy? Medikidz explain Epilepsy <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Paulina? Medikidz explain Food Allergy <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Paris? Medikidz explain Childhood Overweight <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Matt? Medikidz explain HIV <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with John? Medikidz explain Scoliosis <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Jasmine? Medikidz explain Swine Flu <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Ben? Medikidz explain Autism <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Ross? Medikidz explain Depression <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Jen? Medikidz explain Obstructive Sleep Apnea <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with William? Medikidz explain Organ Transplantation <br /> <br /> .... What’s up with Craig? Medikidz explain Growth Hormone Deficiency.<br /> <br />