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Facility Management for Physical Activity & Sport <br /> <br /> Thomas H. Sawyer <br /> <br /> Since 1946, Facility Design and Management for Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sports Facility Development has been a cornerstone resource for facility designers, users, and managers. Now the latest edition of this bestselling text has been updated and expanded into two volumes. This volume incorporates the first twelve chapters of the previous (11th) edition and offers new chapters on policy development, ethical decision-making, and event management. Along with the companion book, Facility Planning and Design, this comprehensive text is essential for professionals in facility design and management. Endorsed by AAPAR’s Council on Facilities & Equipment. 2009, paperback, 306 pp. ISBN 978-1-57167-576-7 <br /> <br /> 302-10208 <br /> <br /> $59.95 retail/$49.95 member price <br /> <br /> Facility Planning and Design for Health, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sport, 12th Ed.<br /> <br /> Thomas H. Sawyer <br /> <br /> Along with the companion book, Facility Management for Physical Activity & Sport, this comprehensive text covers common facility components, specifi cations, recreational spaces, specialty areas, and trends. Three new chapters include information about sustainability, standards and guidelines, and a history of the book. Additional online resources include an instructor’s guide, a course syllabus for graduates and undergraduates, and PowerPoint slides for each chapter. Written for those who plan, design, and build sport facilities, or who teach sport management classes.<br /> <br /> Endorsed by AAPAR’s Council on Facilities & Equipment. 2009, paperback, 576 pp. ISBN 978-1-57167-543-9 <br /> <br /> 302-10207 <br /> <br /> $84.95 retail/$74.95 member price <br /> <br /> Adapted Physical Education Assessment Scale II (APEAS II) <br /> <br /> Which of your students qualify for special services in adapted physical education?<br /> <br /> AAPAR’s best seller! Used for nearly three decades, the updated and improved APEAS II will help you identify which of your students qualify for special services in physical education. The software provides demographic data for students ages 4½ to 17 and measures: <br /> <br /> .... Perceptual Motor Function <br /> <br /> .... Object Control <br /> <br /> .... Locomotor Skills <br /> <br /> .... Physical Fitness <br /> <br /> .... Adaptive Behaviors <br /> <br /> This trusted assessment tool is easy-to-use and available as an electronic score sheet or paper-and-pencil format.<br /> <br /> Encourage your school district to purchase copies for you and your colleagues. Order in bulk and save!<br /> <br /> Price per test administrator: <br /> <br /> 302-10198 1-10 licensed users: $139 each <br /> <br /> 302-10199 11+ licensed users: $129 each <br /> <br /> University/College Version (available for teaching purposes only): <br /> <br /> 302-10202 One professor, unlimited students: $395 To order, call 703.476.3430 or visit the Online Store at www.aahperd.org. Plese add 10% service fee to all orders.<br /> <br /> Purchase Orders: Mail to AAPAR/AAHPERD, 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191; or fax to AAPAR at 703.476.9527. Please include the name(s) and email address(es) of the licensed user(s). Upon receipt of the P. O., licensed users will receive an email with instructions on how to download the software online. Questions? Call 703.476.3430 <br /> <br /> APEAS II Workshops: Learn how to use the APEAS II software during a one-day workshop. See New from AAPAR on page 13 for more information.<br /> <br /> Play On! Playground Learning Activities for Youth Fitness <br /> <br /> Russell L. Carson & Marybeth Lima <br /> <br /> Sure, playgrounds are fun. But did you know that playgrounds can foster physical fitness? In partnership with PlayCore, Inc., and a team of play experts, AAPAR has created a colorful learning activity guide designed to promote strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. These “Playground Learning Activities for Youth Fitness” are FUN, and they appeal to students as well as teachers. Highlights include: <br /> <br /> .... 100 learning activities for children (K-5) with clear instructions and color photos <br /> <br /> .... NASPE-aligned PE standards for all activities <br /> <br /> .... Variations for children with disabilities <br /> <br /> .... Safety and teaching tips <br /> <br /> .... Take-home guide for parents <br /> <br /> .... Funding opportunities to obtain equipment <br /> <br /> .... Detachable pages for convenient use with clipboards <br /> <br /> Some guides available in Spanish. 2008, three-ring binder. ISBN 978-0-88314-860-0 <br /> <br /> 302-10197 $99.95 retail/$79.95 member price<br /> <br /> Making Money on the Sidelines: A Game Plan for Getting Started <br /> <br /> Mariah Burton Nelson <br /> <br /> Want to earn extra revenue while improving the health and fitness of your community? In a survey of AAPAR members, nearly 80% welcomed such information, and we have just the game plan! Created by AAPAR’s executive director, this step-by-step guide will show you how to put your skills to work to create a legitimate sideline business. As physical activity professionals, you also have talents in consulting, teaching, training, directing, writing, coaching, or speaking. Learn to use them to promote your passion for health and fitness—and get compensated fairly for it. A former professional basketball player turned successful entrepreneur, the author provides a plan that works. Includes a sample contract, invoice, planning worksheets, and more. All proceeds benefit AAPAR. 2008, paperback, 207 pp.<br /> ISBN 978-0-88314-861-7 <br /> <br /> 302-10203 $19.95 retail/$14.95 member price<br /> <br />