AAHPERD Publications — Catalog 2011
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Safety And Legal Issues

Sport, Physical Activity, and the Law 3rd Edition <br /> <br /> Neil J. Dougherty, Alan S. Goldberger, & <br /> <br /> Linda Jean Carpenter <br /> <br /> Knowing the elements of the law necessary for creating and managing sport and physical activity programs is vital to professionals in the field. This popular book, revised and updated, provides a practical approach for understanding how the fundamental concept of law applies in physical activity settings. Included are supplementary case studies, management guidelines, and discussion questions on issues such as risk management, responsibilities of game officials, breach of contract, product liability, role of the EEOC, right to participate, and statutes like the Americans with Disabilities Act. 2007, paperback, 297 pp.<br /> <br /> ISBN 978-1-57167-527-9 <br /> <br /> 302-10196 $54.95 retail/$45.95 member price <br /> <br /> Legal Concepts in Sport: A Primer 3rd Edition <br /> <br /> Linda Jean Carpenter <br /> <br /> If you are a teacher, coach, or sports program administrator—or a student preparing for one of these professions—this essential book will guide your decision-making to keep your program safe and enjoyable. The third edition provides a conceptual foundation for understanding laws related to sport and physical education. Universal scenarios are presented to help you evaluate the legal implications involved in differing circumstances you might face in your school or community physical activity or sport program. The text is in plain language that nonlaw professionals can understand, and the cases cited are available online for further study and insight. 2008, paperback, 214 pp. ISBN 0-88314-659-2 <br /> <br /> 302-10204 $29.95 retail/$19.95 member price