Womens Focus — April 2011
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Susan Pompeo

On November 2, my husband took on a new role. Now, we are commuters—between Washington D.C. and Kansas. Washington D.C. is the capitol of our country and a city unto itself—seemingly bursting from the collision of heightened political and cultural energy. Protests, traffic dead stopped on major highways for limos carrying visiting dignitaries, U.S. history everywhere and faces that we see on the nightly news are all “business as usual.”

People here hold a surprisingly hopeful and un-jaded outlook on America. Maybe it’s the quiet presence of the Potomac River or the ever-present reminders of the sacrifices and hard work of so many. I’ll never forget the first time Mike and I walked on the floor of the House of Representatives, following his election. The responsibility to carry on America’s debates, thinking and decision making is at a high standard, set by those who came before us.

This legacy is documented widely through area museums and monuments—many of which are free to visitors. If you’re planning a summer time visit, reserve your White House and Capitol tours now. Tours fill up months in advance. Shop for comfortable walking shoes (for the whole family) and start your “must see” list.

Here’s what’s on my list: paddle boating in the Tidal Basin, enrolling in a class at the Library of Congress, seeing Julie Child’s Kitchen (again!) At the Smithsonian Museum of American History, strolling the Eastern Market (with everything from fresh produce and bread to art and jewelry) and seeing the spring burst of blooms on more than 3,700 cherry blossom trees. Oh, and I’m still trying to chase down the bright pink van that roves the Hill selling cupcakes out the window! I’m eager to hear what’s on your list of DC “must sees!”

P. S. To Aiyanna and Mason at Hyde Elementary School: keep those letters coming. We love hearing from you!

~Susan Pompeo, wife of Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, is a former not-for-profit administrator and bank officer. A proud graduate of Wichita State University, Susan loves music, reading, sports and her girlfriends. She is the mother of 20-year-old Nick, and Patton and Holly (golden retriever and beagle)!