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COVER STORY Suddenly, we realized the power of the “marketing system” and we added new features like VIP status, automat-ed price tables, instant lottery on POS (point of sale) recharges, time cards, and more. Today most of these fea-tures are standard in the card system industry. One feature we created in 1994 and did not find successful until a few years ago was the implementation of the “electronic” ticket for redemption games. The market was not ready for such advanced development. How has the PlayCard System evolved? How has the market changed? From the beginning, the system was developed to manage the basics in a location. By that time, the market had a powerful coin/token mindset. The U.S. market was the hardest one because of the legendary quarter and operators did not have an open mind ready for the future. The rest of the world appeared to be more prepared for such a huge change. Today, the system allows operators to manage all aspects of their business, such as redemption, food and beverage inventories, party bookings, member-ship, loyalty programs, online sales, and more options. As the market became more and more demanding, and new require-ments surfaced from operators all over the world, the company strived to lead the vanguard by developing and intro-ducing new features every year, taking the PlayCard system to new levels of performance, usefulness, and sophisti-cation. For example, the implementation of a wireless game network eliminated the hassle of running wires to or from the games, allowing new site layouts as easily as moving furniture around. The development of multi-function self-service kiosks allowed customers to purchase, recharge, and analyze Play-Cards on their own. Our Multi-Session redemption counter software used through barcode scanners provides speedy customer service. The current acceptance of e-tickets eliminates jams and down time at the games, reducing counting time at the redemption center as well as personnel needed. The introduction of several colorful card readers opened a range of options for customers with different budgets. Today, many food and beverage and bowling operators are looking for inte-grated third party system solutions. We found this to be very convenient and the feature has been offered since we made one of our first installations in the U.S. market back in the mid-’90s. The Internet and smart phones have had a great impact on the market with direct payment solutions, growing Part of the Sacoa team. PLAY METER 49 OCTOBER 2012

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