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Next Generation photo booths on the production line. Digital Centre CEO Josep Tarres by The Strip Wall. All this information is sensitive to being stolen or spied on by third par-ties watching the screen as you type your Facebook or Twitter password. We love innovation and technology, and that is why we have fun working on new products. But as far as we go with technology, we should go the same distance or more with regard to user security. Digital Centre has introduced many new photo booths in the last two years. How deep is the talent in your research and development team? The development team, with its never-ending imagination, continues to develop new and innovative products year after year, and this year is no exception. Our award winning team is com-posed of the best photo booth engi-neers in recent Digital Centre history, with a total of almost 150 years of combined experience in photography. We continue to surprise everyone with our innovation. When we think we’ve reached the pinnacle, the team comes back with a better product. The best is still to come! Our photo booths are durable and reliable. We are proud to say there are Digital Centre photo booths operating with total satisfaction that have been in locations since 1997. How important is customer feed-back? Digital Centre listens to its cus-tomers. We take customer feedback very seriously and make a concerted effort to incorporate the best ideas when developing new products. Our research and development team works tirelessly to mix the latest technological improvements with hip, upbeat exterior designs to ensure we produce the very best new products. We take great pride in bringing our products to market at affordable prices, both for the photo booths and the film. Our ultimate goal is to provide our cus-Fold-N-Go portable photo booth. PLAY METER 59 tomers with maximum return on their investment. Because of this commit-ment, Digital Centre customers become repeat buyers over time, whether their main endeavor is coin-op amusement or event rentals. What are some of the most pop-ular photo booth models, and what features make them a hit? The Strip, the Mega Strip, and the New Generation are the most success-ful, and all come with QR-Photo tech-nology, Share Secure, touch screens, and video and Internet capability. The Strip has a clean, modern look, unlike any other photo booth in the market. In fact, it’s not really a photo booth but rather a stand-up presenta-tion that grabs the customer’s attention and takes up less than four square feet of floor space. Mega Strip features the new stan-dard size 6”x16” strip (4-4”x6” photos) and the market confirms it because it makes twice the income. The New Generation photo booth has all new technology. It takes photos, 2”x6” double strips or a single 4”x6” photo, videos, and social media features. It has the QR-Photo technology so all pictures come out with a QR-Photo printed on it. The user can scan and get photos instantly on their smart phone. Digital Centre has a wide range of high quality, well-designed models which can be adapted to different types of clients and offer different picture sets depending on customers’ demands. The photo booth operator can con-trol which kind of pictures people like the most through an easy to use menu. And all our photo booths are ready to use as soon as you receive the machine. Simply plug and play. FEBRUARY 2013

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