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introduced the Genesis jukebox. And now, we are leading the way to bring to market new consumer experiences and new opportunities for operators like our Mobile, Karaoke, and Photo-Booth services. How has the jukebox customer changed from 1998 to today? We always think of three different customers for our products and servic-es: the operator, the location, and the consumer. Our operators have been great part-ners and have evolved and grown with TouchTunes over the past 15 years. Today’s operator wants the best tech-nology, high reliability, and great serv-ice. They also understand that to grow their businesses, they need to remain relevant with today’s consumer and offer entertainment solutions that engage consumers and bring them back time and again. With the industry’s growth and suc-cess over the past 15 years, locations have come to see the digital jukebox as more than just a source of music and revenue. They see the jukebox as a draw for their patrons and a way to empower their patrons to have more control over the way they consume entertainment. Additionally, locations are viewing TouchTunes as a way to differentiate themselves with the latest technology and innovations, a trend that has accel-erated over the past few years with the launch of Virtuo, the mobile app, Karaoke, and PhotoBooth. Finally, consumers have probably changed the most over the past 15 years. One of the driving factors behind TouchTunes innovation is the need to ensure that our products and services remain relevant, interesting, and fun to the users. Consumers today are digitally savvy, very social, and have high expectations for their enter-tainment experiences. In the past, the jukebox was one of Charles Goldstuck, CEO PLAY METER Phil Cohn, Senior Vice President, Sales 77 the only digital experiences in the venue. But now, nearly everyone has a huge variety of apps on their mobile devices, and TouchTunes knows how important it is to tap into that experi-ence and be a part of it. Considering that there are three million songs available in the TouchTunes library, to gain per-spective, how many songs were available back in 1998 when a CD jukebox offered 200 titles? In 1998, the Genesis jukebox was launched with 750 songs. While 750 licensed songs was a great jump from CD jukeboxes, TouchTunes knew even then that the key to success was not just about the number of songs, but rather about delivering the best music experience. That is why TouchTunes invested in continuously improving the user expe-rience, making it more engaging and easier to use with each new product and software release. It’s also why we have worked so hard to partner with the music industry to provide all of the music our consumers want. TouchTunes is proud to have secured the jukebox rights for numer-ous artists including Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buf-fet, and, of course, The Beatles. MARCH 2013

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