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Main showroom Unisland Daixing in Zhongshan City, China Steven Tan, General Manager Debbie Gonzalez (l), U.S. Sales Manager, and Kathy Li, Customer Service Manager Tim Snelling, Parts and Service Manager, UNIS USA, Dallas Victor Chan, R&D Director, Toronto ing less than professional. Reliability, fair pricing, and most importantly game earnings of the UNIS product line is unmatched in our industry today. “These three ingredients are the recipe for success. It is our pleasure to be working with Debbie Gonzalez and the entire UNIS team. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.” Jon W. Brady of Brady Distributing commented, “We have proudly repre-sented UNIS since 2005 and we have never been more excited about its upcoming product line. “The product is backed by even more domestic service and parts now and the quality is fabulous. Couple that with some excellent titles that we now have in the portfolio, and you truly have a first class and first rate manu-facturer that is bringing more great content to the marketplace.” Brady added, “We’ve been extreme-ly happy with their carousels, Ducky Splash, and most recently Pirate’s PLAY METER Hook. We are excited to take them to the next level and are thankful for their commitment to the marketplace.” Another distribution partner is East Coast Amusements. Dick Donlan of East Coast said, “Unique ideas com-bined with innovative design work— that adds up to tons of fun for the play-ers and great earnings for locations. That is the story of UNIS. East Coast Amusements is very proud to be a dis-tribution partner with them in the U.S.” Scott Shaffer of Shaffer Distributing offered, “UNIS has proven to us time and time again that not only can they make innovative and profitable equip-ment, but that the company is run by trustworthy people who value the backup and support of their equipment so that our customers can maximize their profits.” Service and Support Centre in Dallas at the end of 2012, and just recently established its own warehouse in Dal-las to ensure that stock can be on hand and shipped quickly from the U.S. “UNIS is thrilled to have Tim Snelling as our Parts and Service Man-ager of UNIS USA in Dallas,” said Tan. “Tim has more than 25 years of expe-rience in the coin-op entertainment industry and brings with him a wealth of background knowledge to the UNIS family.” Today, UNIS is a truly an interna-tional company with sales and support throughout China, the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, distributing to over 50 countries. Sales and support staff globally numbers over 60 employ-ees, with offices in China, Canada, Hong Kong, and the U.S. SERVICE AND SUPPORT To better support the growing mar-ket in the U.S., UNIS launched its new 69 POPULAR GAMES UNIS has produced many top games over the years, some of these APRIL 2013

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