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Growing from the one-man opera-tion I was back in 1992 to where we are now is very exciting and just shows how much potential we have for the next two decades. I’d definitely bet on the team we have put together since then over the one-man operation it was back when I was a college student just working hard. What have been some of the milestones along the way? I believe the biggest milestone would be our efforts in South America and Africa and the impressive Interna-tional Centers we helped develop. Each and every time my team and I travel overseas to see our plans, work, and results, our clients are extremely appre-ciative. It truly makes you want to work beside them as if it were our own operation. I am also very proud of our recent work with World Wrestling Entertain-ment (WWE) in helping to build the huge Statue of Liberty for WrestleMa-nia 29 at MetLife Stadium and of course the Shake Shoppe Arcade in New Jersey. Both projects proved that in a short time period we can accom-plish the nearly impossible! As we always say, our client’s imagination is the only limit to what we can do. How large is the staff today com-pared to the start-up company 20 years ago? Our staff is still pretty small. Twenty years ago it was just me! I was doing it all: calls, sales, operations, delivery, etc. Now our team is a little bigger but not huge. Luckily, our employees are very tal-ented and can therefore handle a wide range of activities and project needs. There are about 15-20 of us, a mix of full and part time employees. Some work at our headquarters in Fort Laud-erdale; others are in operations loca-tions. How long has the family enter-tainment center (FEC) consulting service been available? What was the catalyst? We launched the FEC consulting along with the Prop Creations business in early 2012. It was becoming a need for many of our clients. They were so satisfied with us handling the sales of equipment, arcade games, and the operations end that many started ask-ing us to help with a side view of architecture design, theming, foam building, etc. People like to get everything in one place. It makes it more cost efficient and it makes it much simpler for the client. We are proud to help make that possible. What steps do you take in evalu-ating the needs of a client’s facility? It is a process that involves numer-ous people from the P rimeTime Giant ice cream scoop replicas at Prime-Time headquarters, later moved to the top of the Shake Shoppe Arcade. Little girls savor ice cream at the Shake Shoppe Arcade. The former arcade location was boarded up after Hurricane Sandy. The location today after three months of intensive work. PLAY METER 49 JULY 2013

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