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challenging to accomplish. The game play has to be entertaining enough to keep the players coming back. Most recently, Team Play has been a huge game changer in the photo booth industry. Our enormously popular Fun Stop Photos® photo booths seized market share almost overnight because we introduced new technology and appealing new designs into what had become a mundane product. Fun Stop Photos created the first real “show-piece” photo booth. The flashing strobe of our trademarked camera topper beckons to customers from across the room. The rear camera grabs attention by snapping random shots and display-ing them on the rear screen. Team Play’s use of technology converted the photo booth into an interactive game that welcomes group participation. The player experience is enhanced, and suddenly photo booths are fun again. Team Play has a long list of popular “Hall of Fame” products that are no longer in production, such as Pirate’s Booty, Prize Hoops, Star Trek Voyager, and Crossfire Maximum Paintball. We still get inquiries about the really old games, such as Police Trainer, Bopper Ball, and the Regatta Jukebox. Team Play always has endeavored to create tasteful and family-friendly entertainment that is fun for the player and rewarding for the location. Fortu-nately, there always has been a market for that in the coin-op industry. What factors do you take into consideration when designing a new game? First and most importantly, the game must be fun to play. Every game should be visually appealing, entertain-ing, and innovative like Fishbowl Fren-zy. The game play should be intuitive, so the player can quickly comprehend what he or she has to do in order to win. And, the game should be simple to play but difficult to master. The player must feel that, over a period of time and with enough prac-tice, he or she will be able to win the game. In addition, we consider the PLAY METER demographics of the likely players, because the wider the audience the better the earnings. But, if the game is not fun, all other attributes are irrelevant. Because Team Play’s owners have so much experience in operation, we empha-size designing a game that is reliable and easy to serv-ice. Based on our manufac-turing experience, we con-sider whether the game can be manufactured for a reason-able cost and whether a reli-able supply of parts will be available. Because of our distribution experience, we emphasize that the game must sell for a reasonable price in relation to its earnings, to ensure that the operator will receive a high return on investment. And, in order to generate earnings, we arrive back at the initial and most impor-tant consideration: the game must be fun to play. What games do you plan to exhibit at the Amusement Expo? Team P lay will be releasing the new Pro-gressive Jackpot version of Fishbowl Frenzy. The game has been a Top-10 earner since we first Fishbowl Frenzy™ 57 MARCH 2015

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