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encourage and support my endeavors and to spur on my creativity in every-thing I did. Needless to say, that stuck throughout my life and is now the driv-ing force behind Creative Works and why I love what I do. How big was the staff at the start compared to the staff today? There were five of us: me, myself, and I plus two other artistic friends I met while in college. I thought five sounded like a bigger company than just three when I needed to borrow money, so I went with that number. Today we’ve grown to nearly 30 team members with talents ranging from carving a block of foam into the Statue of David to muralists that I believe have their lineage dating back to Michelangelo; to carpenters that can create a masterpiece from scraps and a host of folks in between that take care of our clients through education, proj-ect management, design and architec-tural services, administration, book-keeping, support, and more. Hands down, our success is tied to PLAY METER our people; they are EPIC. As a family company, my wife and I rely heavily upon our team and it’s through their efforts and care that we’ve grown so much in the past five years. You mentioned the word EPIC when describing your team, what exactly did you mean? I read a book last year that dissect-ed the modern day business and focused the reader on looking inward at their own company. From that point forward, I’ve been on a journey to transform the culture from within our walls and change many of the outdated processes and beliefs we (business owners) sometimes get caught up in day to day. The start of that was in redefining what our values were, not only outward-ly in the marketplace but inwardly as well. EPIC stands for Excellence (in going beyond and providing results), Passion (educate, innovate, inspire, and have fun), Integrity (in decisions made and relationships kept), and Commit-ment (to quality, our team, and those we 65 serve). It’s the new litmus test for what we do as a company and as a team. It sounds like you’re committed to the cause and your clients. Would you like to add anything else? Some say I’m truly “committed” and I don’t think they are referring to the good kind. When folks show up to see us, they’ll see that we literally live across the street from our company. We live and breathe what we do because we are passionate about our mission and our team. Laser Tag seems to have been the catalyst for beginning the com-pany. What did you see that the industry needed when you started, and how has it changed over time? At the start of my career in the industry, laser tag arenas were com-prised of mostly plastic tubes and bright neon colors. It was thought to be more of a sport than a game or experi-ence. This is where I saw a huge opportunity and a place where I could capture a niche in a market that was yet undiscovered. MAY 2015

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