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business they added soda and snack machines and office coffee service, but the games part of the venture has been consistent since the start and that is the core business today. Tony grew up in the business, work-ing at every job in the company, and made it his life’s career. He recalled going to the office with his dad on Sat-urdays to sweep floors and empty trash cans. “I was paid $2 a day and felt like I had struck gold,” he said. “My dad was smart in that he had me do every job in the building: recovering pool tables, cleaning machines, installing equipment, doing collections, finding locations. I knew early on that I would be working for my dad.” Tony started working full-time at age 20 doing service calls at night while attending college classes in elec-tronics and business management dur-ing the day. He did homework in between service calls. Tony has five siblings; his sisters, Marlene and Joyce, also work at the PLAY METER Opposite page: Tony Paszkiewicz by a restored Wurlitzer 1015 at the Colum-bia Music & Games office. Top: The Paszkiewicz family and pets, (l-r): Kelsey, Ann (holding Pepper), Tony (holding Jada), and Brad. Mojo is in front. Above left: Tony at his desk. Above right: Tony and Ann (seated) with Alan and Arletta Chaffee of A.A. Amusement at the AMOA Membership Meeting during Amusement Expo 2014. Right: On Capitol Hill, September 2014, (l-r): Don Goletz of Vendomatic, Tony, and Nick Sarioglou of Betson/Baltimore at the office of Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). 37 JUNE 2015

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