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Rhode Island Novelty started with just four employees in 1986. From there the company exploded onto the scene and quickly became a one stop shop with an enormous selection of novelty items. Currently, our state-of-the-art ware-house and distribution center in Fall River, Mass., employs over 200 people. The sales team has also developed into segmented groups of market specialists, each with a focus on their dedicated industry. This has allowed Rhode Island Novelty to become not only a leader in redemption, but in a multi-tude of other business ventures. Do you follow a certain business philosophy that has contributed to your success? Our philosophy has always been the same: Provide outstanding customer service and offer a huge selection of merchandise at the right price. Looking over your Web site, it’s easy to see how the company is a one stop shop for all kinds of prize merchandise. We have recently upgraded our Web site with the hopes of making it easier for our customers to navigate through the thousands of product offer-ings we have and find the items they are looking for. What are some of the most pop-ular prize categories and items? At present, our most popular prod-uct categories are: balls, plush, two-inch rubber animals, small electronics, and remote-controlled items. What are some of the most pop-ular licensed items and some of the popular non-licensed items? The Ninja Turtles have been our most popular license for the last year. We have a variety of plush items as well as some inflatables. The smaller plush items have been especially popu-lar in cranes, while the larger plush and inflatables have been selling well on the back walls of redemption centers. What are some of the popular non-licensed items? Two of our most popular non-PLAY METER licensed items have been rainbow balls and two-inch rubber animals. Cus-tomers will see our selection of rain-bow balls continue to expand using this bright neon pattern. This will include incorporating printed designs, more sizes, and different shapes and quality of the balls such as new knobby balls, playground balls, and footballs. 33 Two-inch rubber animals have also exploded as a crane item due to multi-ple crane manufacturers releasing themed offerings specific to these types of items, such as ducks and frogs. Due to the success our customers are realiz-ing using these low price point items as a “winner every time” prize, we antici-pate this category to continue to grow. JULY 2015

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