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Right: At the Global Partners Expo, (l-r): Louis Lu of UNIS, Gerardo Arteaga and Catalina Montes Ortuzer of Happyland, Tom Ward of CEC Entertainment, Gene Cramm of Amusements World Wide, and Eugene Jarvis of Raw Thrills. Below: A panel of Global Partners at the expo. titles, Cargo Express and Fire Rescue. Continuing to excel at its core busi-ness of amusement games, UNIS is introducing a new and exciting series called “Value Games.” Most of these are one-player games retailing under $5,000 to answer a grow-ing need for smaller and better-priced products in the amusement game industry. U N I S will also be introducing many new game titles at the upcom-ing IAAPA Expo such as Speedy Feet, Ski Racer, Tiny Tunes, and a Neon Air Hockey table. In addition, UNIS had an expanded presence at the Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) in Hong Kong and will also expand its presence at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Fla. With all that’s happening for UNIS, Play Meter spoke with Steven Tan for more details on the company’s plans for the future. How many global partners does UNIS have? What part will they play in the future of UNIS? Our company has accumulated a great number of partners over the years. I think at the moment the num-ber is north of 70. The industry is large but it is quite tightly knit at the same time, so we all have to stick together! It’s an amazing feeling when everyone gathers for a mutual cause like we did at the Global Partners Expo. It’s a truly euphoric feeling. How many guests came to the Global Partners Expo and what countries did they come from? We welcomed about 150 attendees from all over the world. When you become a multinational industry player like UNIS you sort of forget that bor-ders exist. We strive to make the most connections in the world and bring the industry together for mutual benefit. I PLAY METER expect that the number of guests will continue to grow in future years. What kinds of feedback did you get from your guests? Most of our guests were completely overwhelmed with the size of our facil-ity and it was a big eye opener at how much new product development is occurring. It was also a pleasant sur-prise for us that so many people had chosen to visit us from all over the world. What will be on display in your new showroom? Our new showroom was built with a specific purpose: to show off our latest and greatest products. We are delving in to the world of hi-tech rides at the moment, and those look really impres-sive. The showroom will allow us to show them off and also display all of our latest games. We produce a lot of new products every year so there will be plenty to fill the space. What departments will be housed in the seven manufacturing buildings? The main building will house R&D offices as well as all our management and information technology staff. Then we have the wood shop in the second building. The metal shop is in the first building along with final manufacturing space and Quality Control. 51 Did the idea for the Value Game Series come from locations? The idea came as an accumulation of industry trends. Everyone tries to “go big” these days. Factories produce a lot of great games that are intended to be showpieces. They are large, flashy, and unfortunately, expensive. We intend to offer the industry the other end of the spectrum with the Value Series. These games can fit into a tight space, have an amazing value, and most are redemption games, but some will also be offered with a prize option. We have drawn the titles from some of our best selling games, so we feel this will be a big hit. When will the hi-tech rides be available? Can you tell us more about them? The majority of our hi-tech rides are already available globally. In the U.S. the regulations are more strict so at the moment we are in the process of obtaining all the U.S. certifications that would let us sell the rides in the West-ern world. We are set to both the Ban-dit Express and Armor Droid at the IAAPA Expo. We will introduce Bandit Express first. It is our take on a train ride, which is on an oval track. In the center of the oval there are eight video screens and on either end of the center block are moving mechanical targets, which the players must hit to earn points. The ride seats eight and each player must try to hit as many targets as possi-AUGUST 2015

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