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THE AAHPERD ADVANTAGE The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance ( AAHPERD) is an alliance of fi ve national associations, six districts, and a research consortium united to promote healthy lifestyles through high-quality products and programs. As the largest organization of professionals rep-resenting and supporting people with careers in physical education, recreation, sport, fi tness, dance, and health promotion and education, AAHPERD serves as one of the foremost representatives for the profession, aggres-sively promoting fi tness programs in the nation’s schools and communities. When you join AAHPERD, you become a part of a dynamic force that fully supports your career objectives, keeps you informed of the latest and the best in your fi eld, and provides you with guidelines and standards to help you implement your programs. Through an expansive range of services, AAHPERD ensures professional success for its members by providing: s s s s s Access to current health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sport information Discounts on products, meetings, and workshops developed by top leaders in the health, physical education, recreation, and dance community Innovative, quality programs in health, physical education, recreation, dance, and sports Networking opportunities for professional growth and development Professional guidelines and standards developed to help you excel The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD): Your team for leadership in health and physical activity education. Please Support the Annual Fund Drive of the National Associations of AAHPERD Your donations do make a difference! Help us: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 5HDFKQHZPHPEHUV 'HOLYHUEHWWHUSURJUDPV &UHDWHXVHIXOSURGXFWVDQG 3URYLGHIDVWHUVHUYLFH HOW? %\VXSSRUWLQJWKH$QQXDO)XQGFDPSDLJQZLWKDJHQHURXV tax-deductible FRQWULEXWLRQ :LWK\RXUVXSSRUW&#0f;DQGWKDWRIRWKHUKLJKO\FRPPLWWHG $$+3(5'PHPEHUV&#0f;ZHZLOOUHPDLQ$PHULFD¶V leading advocate IRUDFWLYHDQGKHDOWK\OLIHVW\OHVIRUSHRSOHRIDOO DJHVDQGVNLOOOHYHOV&#0f;DQGIRUSURIHVVLRQDOVOLNH YOU ZKR VHUYH&#0f;PHQWRU&#0f;DQGWHDFKWKHP 3OHDVHJRWR WRGRQDWHWRWKHDVVRFLDWLRQ RI\RXUFKRLFH&RQWULEXWLRQVFDQEHPDGHVDIHO\DQGVHFXUHO\ WKURXJKRXU(

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