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AAHPERD Publications Catalog 2011 : Page 24

NAGWS NAGWS Taking the Field: Women, Men, and Sports Michael A. Messner A Century of Women’s Basketball Joan S. Hult & Marianna Trekell, Editors When sport simply excluded girls, the equation of males with active athletic power and of females with weakness and passivity seemed to come almost naturally. Messner argues that despite profound changes, the world of sport largely retains and continues its longtime conservative role in gender relations. 2002, paperback, 239 pp. ISBN 0-8166-3449-1 303-10090 $22 retail/$18 member price This historical treasure includes sections on the fascinating history of women’s basketball; governance of athletics for girls and women; changes in rules, coaching, and offi ciating; and intriguing refl ections by women players and coaches. 1991, paperback, 430 pp. ISBN 0-88314-490-5. Limited number of autographed copies available. 303-10055 $18 retail/$10 member price FUN PRODUCTS Sport the NAGWS logo on clothing and products Order from the AAHPERD Online Store at NAGWS T-Shirt (white with full-color logo on back) 303-10107 (S-XL) $20 retail/$15 member price Fleece (icy gray long-sleeve microfl eece with ½-zip front; purple “G” embroidered on cen-ter back). 303-10113 (S-XXL) $40 retail/$35 member price A portion of profi ts from the sale of this item supports breast cancer research. NAGWS Baseball Cap (tan canvas cap with embroidered logo) 303-10134 $22 retail/$18 member price NAGWS Business Card Holder (black engraved with “G”) 303-10109 $20 retail/$15 member price Wooden Picture Frame (4” x 6” engraved with association name and “G”) 303-10130 $17 retail/$14 member price NAGWS Lapel Pin 303-10114 $5 24 To order, call: 800.321.0789 or visit our Online Store at

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