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SALE Also from AAPAR When Cody Became a Mouse Potato Bonnie Nygard and Susan Koonce Looking for a fun and enlightening way to introduce children to the value of staying physically active for life? Written for 5-to 9-year-olds, this rhyming story tells how young Cody, by surfi ng the Internet, discovers such healthy lifestyle habits as regular physical activity, hydration, adequate rest, and good eating. Includes delightful illustrations and a series of “Learning Links” for teachers and parents based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Model. 2002, hardback, 53 pp. ISBN 0-7872-9298-2 302-10142 Originally SALE $23.95 retail/$19.95 member price $12 retail/$8 member price National Association for Sport and Physical Education Physical Activity for Children: A Statement of Guidelines for Children Ages 5-12, 2nd Edition Based on current research, these revised guidelines and the physical activity pyramid help teachers, school administrators, pediatricians, and parents plan developmentally appropriate levels of activity for children. 2004, paperback, 28 pp. ISBN 0-88314-910-9 304-10276 Originally SALE $16 retail/$12 member price $8 retail/$6 member price Strength Training for Children and Adolescents Scott O. Roberts, Traci Ciapponi & Rebecca Lytle Helps you implement a safe, effective, and enjoyable strength-training program for students age 7 and older, including basic-to-advanced exercises and activities. 2008, paperback, 214 pp. ISBN 978-0-88314-928-7 304-10431 Originally $40 retail/$29 member price SALE $20 retail/$14 member price Roadblocks to Quality Physical Education Kathy Ermler, Joella Mehrhof, Joan Brewer & Vicki Worrell Assessing Motor Skills in Elementary Physical Education Shirley Ann Holt/Hale Originally SALE Explores the roadblocks to offering quality physical education—including large classes, inadequate funding and equipment, and lack of administrative support—and offers several appropriate alternatives for bypassing, eliminating, or overcoming those challenges. 2007, paperback, 162 pp. ISBN 0-88314-923-0 304-10323 $32 retail/$22 member price $16 retail/$11 member price Use this to assess motor skills in elementary school physical education in the ongoing process of teaching a theme or unit. Includes a teacher-observation checklist, self-assessment forms, and an example of a student project to assess motor skills. 1999, paperback, 20 pp. ISBN 0-88314-711-4 304-10207 Originally $13 retail /$10 member price SALE $6.50 retail/$5 member price 6 To order call: 800.321.0789 or visit our Online Store at

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