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21 1 amusementexpo AAMA honors excellence AAMA Supplier of the Year, (l-r): Frank Happ of Suzo-Happ, Tom Happ of Suzo-Happ, David Cohen of AAMA, Jim Brendel of Suzo-Happ, and John Schultz of AAMA. AAMA Manufacturer of the Year; (l-r): David Cohen, Dan McAllister, Charles Goldstuck and Steve Brecher of Touch Tunes, and John Schultz. AAMA Distributor of the Year, (l-r): David Cohen, Bob Geschine and Peter Betti of Betson Enterprises, and John Schultz. From left: Tony Shamma, Vince Gumma, Frank Gumma Sr., and Cortney Black Kinzler of AVS. Frank Gumma Sr. of AVS receives the AAMA “Lifetime Achievement Award” from David Cohen (l) and John Schultz of AAMA. T he American Amusement Machine Association (A AMA) presented its annual awards during the opening cere-monies of the Amusement Expo on March 1 in Las Vegas. David Cohen, P resident of Firestone Financial Corp. and Chairman of A AMA, joined John Schultz, President of AAMA, in making the presentations. Frank Gumma Sr., Senior Vice Presi-dent of long-time distribution firm Ameri-can Vending Sales (AVS), received the PLAY METER annual “Lifetime Achievement Award,” which is presented to an industry leader with an outstanding reputation and a humanitarian spirit. For the first time the association pre-sented an award for “Supplier of the Year 2 010,” which was presented to Suzo-Happ Group. The company has three offices in the U.S. and one in the U.K. The award for “Manufacturer of the Year 2010” was presented to TouchTunes Interactive Networks. The award is deter-58 mined by outstanding ratings and quality customer service. The award for “Distributor of the Year 2010” was presented to Betson Enterpris-es, which has 11 offices in the U.S. The award is determined by several factors including sales, quality of service, and enthusiasm. Distributor members of AAMA vote on the manufacturer award and manu-facturer members vote on the distribu-tor award. ▲ APRIL 2011

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