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BankNews Cybersecurity 2017 : Page 2

Stop Ransomware. Has your bank been the victim of a ransomware attack? If not, there is a greater chance than ever you will be the victim of such an attack sooner than you think. Why? There has been a 600% growth in ransomware since December 2015, with over 56,000 ransomware events in March of 2016 alone. And with only 47% of ransomware victims able to recover all of their data, it’s also the reason why the FDIC, OCC and Federal Reserve are likely to ask you what defenses your bank has in place to mitigate against the risks associated with ransomware. * BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud ® Threat Mitigation Shield helps banks defend against UDQVRPZDUHDWWDFNVWKDWORFNXSFULWLFDOGDWD¿OHVDQGFUHDWHSRWHQWLDOGDWDORVV Discover more about how BankOnIT can help defend your bank against cybersecurity risks such as ransomware by calling 800-498-8877, option 2, or email * KWWSV&#1d;ZZZI¿HFJRYSUHVV3'))),(&
([WRUWLRQSGI 800-498-8877 BankOnIT USA® Entirely supported and hosted in the USA.

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