Lab Manager April 2011 : Page 2

The gold standard in pipetting. Eppendorf Reference pipettes Eppendorf has set the standard for high precision liquid handling with the Reference pipette. The lightweight Reference meets the most rigorous demands for controlled, clinical and research laboratories. The Reference pipette offers unique features that set it apart from other pipettes. This robust and dependable pipette exceeds the most rigorous demands for accuracy and precision. Equipped with a one-button design, the Reference pipette provides the security of reduced aerosol aspiration as well as a volume lock to ensure the correct volume is always delivered. In addition, this fully autoclavable pipette with integrated tip ejector offers a digital indicator that is always visible while pipetting. Eppendorf Reference pipettes Ergonomic one button design for controlling aspiration, dispensing and tip ejection l Volume range from 0.1 μL to 2,500 μL l UV-stable and completely autoclavable l Available as fixed-and adjustable-volume pipettes l 4-digit volume display l 3-year warranty l For more information visit Þ Email: In the U.S.: Eppendorf North America, Inc. 800-645-3050 Þ In Canada: Eppendorf Canada Ltd. 800-263-8715 ENA.A1.0140.A © 2011 Eppendorf AG